Surviving Your Workload!

by Tim Foot, £1.20 per copy*

“Of all the publications on the market I still find this the most useful with sound, practical advice throughout.”
Head of Sixth Form

If you are looking to help your Year 12 students make a successful transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form and to develop effective study habits, you may wish to consider my ‘Surviving Your Workload!’ booklet.

This extremely popular booklet has been written to help students cope with their demanding workload as they take more personal responsibility for their study.

You may want to buy it for a whole year group, a special target group or use it at a parent consultation evening. The booklet has 36 pages, is a handy A5 size and is available all year round.

The booklet contains the following topics:

1) Increasing MOTIVATION
2) Time management BASICS
3) Getting down to STUDY
4) Getting more from STUDY SESSIONS
5) Improving your CONCENTRATION
6) Getting more from YOUR DAY
8) Organising your WORKSPACE
9) Making the most of REVISION TIME
10) Going for the TOP GRADES  

Schools may obtain a free inspection copy by emailing Fiona at

FREE standard delivery on UK orders of 30 or more booklets.
* Minimum order of 10 booklets applies.

Booklet Details
Format: Paperback 36 pages
First published 2004, revised edition 2016
Publisher: Tim Foot Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9555936-0-4