GCSE Revision: How PARENTS Can Help!

by Tim Foot, £1.20 per copy*

If you are looking to give the Parents of your GCSE students some extra support, you may wish to consider my GCSE Revision: How PARENTS Can Help! booklet.

This booklet is packed full of ways in which parents can support their child during the period leading up to the final exams. With the increased rigour of the new GCSEs this parental support is now more important than ever.

You may want to buy it for a whole year group, a special target group or use it at a parent consultation evening. The booklet has 32 pages plus a revision timetable pull-out in the centre pages, is a handy A5 size and is available all year round.

The booklet contains the following topics:

What is My Role as a Parent?
Getting Started
1. Motivation
2. Revision Planning
3. Revision Sessions
4. Revision and Memory
5. Thorny Issues
6. The Reluctant Student
7. Exam Stress
8. Sitting Exams

Schools may obtain a free inspection copy by emailing Fiona at timfootpub@aol.com.

FREE standard delivery on UK orders of 30 or more booklets.
* Minimum order of 10 booklets applies.

Booklet details
Format: Paperback 32 pages + pull-outs
First published 2017
Publisher: Tim Foot Publications
ISBN 978-0-9555936-4-2